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“DARRELL KLASSEN IS DIFFERENT–HE REALLY CARES!!”   This is one of the most frequent comments about Darrell’s teaching. The other is, “This is too simple. There’s nothing to remember, because everything is so perfectly natural. WOW!!!”

Golf teachers have made the golf swing so complex that golfers think they are NEVER going to become accomplished players. Yet Darrell has taken hundreds of golfers from twenty-plus handicappers and made them into single digit and scratch players.

Darrell has been teaching golf for over forty five years, and students come from everywhere in the United States, as well as from fourteen other nations around the world.

His style of teaching the golf swing is unique, because he believes GOLF’S AN EASY GAME. Swinging a golf club and striking clean, crisp golf shots that soar off into the distance is a very natural process. The golf swing is not an unnatural motion. You were born with the ability to do it quite easily, every time you step up to a golf ball.

Darrell has been certified as a Golf/Sports Psychology Instructor for over fifteen years. And he is a trained and certified expert in helping you understand how and why the mind has such a tremendous affect on the way you swing the golf club, and how this affects your game on the course. There’s not a better instructor anywhere for teaching you “how to take it to the course.”

As you browse through Darrell’s products and private instruction programs, you will be able to access some of the finest instructional information known to the golfing world.

A large number of Darrell’s students have had private instruction from the most highly acclaimed instructors in the world; however, they are now dedicated followers of his simple, down-to-earth method of swinging the club.

Darrell’s Book: “Golf is an Easy Game” was published in 2001 and has received international acclaim. You’ll be able to find it, and a host of amazing DVD lessons on the products page.

To inquire about private lesson information and/or upcoming golf schools, fill in the boxes above and submit it to Darrell. Include your home address and telephone number.

The mailing address is:
Darrell M. Klassen, PhD, Golf Instructor, P.O. Box 132, Morro Bay, CA 93443




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  1. Bernie Walker
    1 month ago

    I signed up because I like natural golf way of teaching, I’m also 65 yrs old with 11.5 index
    and I want to become a scratch golfer. Lastly I like introducing golf to young kids and natural method seems a lot easier for them I’d think. My area of most concern about my game is inconsistency of mid irons. I’m so tired of hitting great fairway shots then missing my GIR and having to scramble for par instead of having a legitimate eagle or birdie attempt. If you can do what you say you can you’re my guy.


  2. Randy Jones
    3 months ago

    Do you have a schedule yet for onsite golf classes in 2018. Thanks.

  3. Jerry Tarman
    3 months ago

    Darrell, when will you be conducting your next golf school workshop and how much is the cost for the school. I have learned a lot from the DVD’s and the you tube videos you have on line. I can see how your work with students has paid off for them in converting slicers into golfers who can draw the golf ball on demand.

  4. David Westerlund
    6 months ago

    I am recovering from ankle surgery and look forward to playing again in a few months. I am 67 years old, play to a 4.6 index and need an incentive to get back working on my game after my ankle heals. I would love some private instruction after the first of the year. Can that be arranged?

  5. Ramki sundararaman
    10 months ago

    Interested in your golf workshops to play better golf.


  6. David Westerlund
    11 months ago

    I would like info on private lessons and golf schools. Thanks.

  7. Mats Englund
    12 months ago

    Hello Mr Klassen.
    I wrote a story to you some 8 months ago and i am still having problems whit my consistent
    ball striking and confidence.
    Would be nice to get an answer.
    Mats Englund

  8. Rick Egan
    1 year ago

    Mr Klassen,

    I am really enjoying the new Newsletters. I always like to hear ‘your info’ with a new approach,
    or a different angle. Would like to see more of the Radio Shows. Thanks
    Rick Egan

  9. Bob Judd
    2 years ago

    I have been playing golf since I was 16 and now am 62 and always played with a fade or slice. I have taken lessons after lessons to try and not fade/slice the ball and although I knew the reason it was fading slicing due to the spin on the ball and the reason required to draw it, I could not do it and no one could tell me how until now. I watched some of your videos and bought Perfect Shot Control and can now draw the ball for the first time. I had found other methods over the years to hit the ball straight but nothing seemed to work long term and I could not draw it. I have always been told to not use your wrists in the swing as only pro’s that hit 1000’s of balls could get the timing to do that. I now realize that hitting draws and fades is mental first and not physical. If I think draw, I can usually hit it. If I don’t, I will fade or slice. I am now making better contact and drawing my shots better than ever. Thanks

  10. Rei
    2 years ago

    Hello from Japan! I signed up because after watching your How to Hit Hybrids and Fairway Woods
    I thought ‘this guy knows what he’s talking about’ and wanted to read what else you have to say
    about golf and golfers. Your ‘laid back’ but ‘up front’ not particularly technical presentation appeals –
    thank you and looking forward to more instruction. I am 67 and have been doing yoga and weight
    training assiduously for the past twenty years and yet my driving distance never carries much beyond 200 yards, a really good drive maybe an additional 20-25. A well struck 21 degree hybrid
    will almost carry as far, what a waste of all that exercise. Anyway, this year I’ve learned to strike
    irons with some authority and have straightened those drives out so can’t complain. Love the game,
    wish I could play more than the 3 – 4 times a month I do. Thank you and best wishes. Rei Maida

  11. Adam
    2 years ago

    Hello Darrel.

    I’m mostly self taught for four years. I’ve struggled a bit but I can strike the ball well about 80% of the time.

    I’ve been stuck with shooting mid 40’s for nine holes. I fade the ball from the left and towards the right, which I can control with some decency. My short game is somewhat on point, which I’m spending more time on due to my realization of the significance of the short shots. My distance is decent, with driver going about 235 on average, 58 degree wedge consistent 80 yards full shot, and varying with distance control. My putting is decent.

    My main concern is with scoring, how I can score better using better control and course management, and perhaps how I can control the golf ball a bit better. I’d like to be able to move it both ways.

    This is where you, I believe, can help me. You’ve been teaching for some time as far as I’ve heard, and you claim to have played to plus handicap figures. Seeing your videos and reading on you, I’ve come to trust in these claims to some degree.

    My question is simply put, what are your main products, and how much will it cost me per month, year, week, etc.?

    I hope to hear from you, sir.

    Adam N. M.

  12. Mats Englund
    2 years ago

    Hi Mr Klassen.
    I have been checking out your videos and adapted the learning to my ball striking.
    Ok,on the range i am striking the ball quite alright and i can hit almost any distance and flag.
    So on the range no problems whit my irons,nice draw and fade.
    Then my woods,problem whit draw but a nice fade whit control.
    Allright,then to the course.Major problems to shoot under 90,i have never ever been able to
    adapt my ball striking as i can on the range to the course.I am a 15,0 handicap by European standard
    and been told several times by other golfers that i should be easy a under 10,0 handicap player.The worst that i have ever heard was when i went to a golf pro and after 45 min ball striking and videos the man told me that hi could not say whats wrong whit my swing or ball striking.

  13. Joe Benowitz
    2 years ago


    Been watching your videos. Interesting stuff. I may want to drive up and take a lesson from you to see what you can do to help me understand your material better.

    I am wondering if you have a product that would allow me to teach myself and really get it?



  14. Bob Loies
    2 years ago


    Does the size of a golf grip have any affect on the swing??


  15. Douglas Quagliaroli
    2 years ago

    Darrell, have watched your videos numerous times and have a question. While you discuss the chopping action of the wrist and hands you never mention the hips as the real generator of distance. Would appreciate your thoughts?

  16. Bill Eichman
    2 years ago

    Hi Darrell, greetings from Ft.Wayne,IN! I have just recently come a crossed your videos on YouTube. I am fascinated by your non conventional methods and you also have me very interested in the endless possibilities of improving my game. My current average is low to mid 80’s.i consistently slice my driver,my fairway woods and long irons are fairly straight, but my short irons irons,pitch chip wedge, are terrible! my putting is very good! I wait for the weather to break here so i can get to the range and apply your methods! Thank you so much! Sincerely Bill

  17. Leo Grillo
    2 years ago

    Hi Darrell,

    I spent a day with you about 15 years ago. In fact, you mentioned me in your first book as the Hollywood Producer who was hitting 325 yards off the tee after your lesson. I also bought your driver off you! I ended up winning a long drive contest at a Country Club tournament that also had over a dozen local pros playing. My drive exceeded 350 yards. Then I quit golf.

    The frustration of people breathing down my neck and rushing my game got to me. All these years later I am taking it up again and bringing my “baby girl” into it. She’s 16 now and she wants to meet you eventually.

    I bought your tapes and books and we will be using them for her lessons. There is nobody else to learn from if I want what’s best for her game. We have a nice course in Nevada now where they don’t rush you. So once my Darrel videos are done and we practice a lot, I will be out there with my daughter enjoying the game once again.

    BTW — a video you might think about …. That Visalia nut tree course is FLAT. Regular ones have slope and undulating, rolling hills. HItting off those would make an interesting lesson!

    I hope to see you soon. We can run up and back one day, though a 6-hour round trip from our home in Los Angeles County, with a nice lesson for a few hours in the afternoon.

    Happy New Year!


  18. visit here
    2 years ago

    Other types of grips are the interlocking grip and the 10-finger grip.
    Not to mention I was just starting to hit that damn ball occasionally straight and down the fairway.
    I thought my shoulder went across the field not the ball.

  19. Fritz R. Boehm
    2 years ago

    Impressed with what I’ve seen so far on the net and would like to see if this is a fit for me. I’m excited by the possibility of doing something to improve my game. I generally shot 95-97. Here’s hoping.

  20. Joe Fernandez
    3 years ago

    I just started golfing at the young age of 66. I wanted to hang with my brother who play 2 to 3 times a week. We use to see each other maybe every 3 months now we see each other 2 to 3 times a week. Its been great. My goal is to break 100 been shooting between 100 and 107 but have not gotten a consistence feel to my swing. Saw your video you like what you say

    Thanks Joe

  21. Rex Hall
    3 years ago

    Im very interested in lessons/schools ! I live in san Clemente and would look forward to travel to your school rex Hall

  22. Roger Huston
    3 years ago

    Darrell I was going through lots of golf professionals and you never hear the same teaching method from one to another. Stack and Tilt ,Right Sided Swing, Center Pivot etc etc etc. The one thing that you and a few other teachers said was not to focus on the ball, but rather the target. Also as we age, (I will be 65 shortly) and so distance and swing speed have decreased. This year with a car accident cost me several months of play plus a part time income from selling golf clubs. Separate issue but most players play clubs that are too long and thus too upright. My Dad was a decent player and he learned from playing baseball.He said your power comes from the inside and simply don’t pay any attention to instructors who want you to hit certain positions. I have read Homer Kelley and all of the modern age teachers, but the player hat infuenced me most was not Hogan, but rather Sam Snead and so I swing from the inside and I swing out to the target. This year has been more difficult and I believe my swing has flattened more any thoughts for combating age (LOL) Seriously still in pretty decent shape, but would like to hear your thoughts on loft and lie angles for people over 50 and if I can pick your mind what have you done to keep your swing fluid. Thank You and I truly enjoy your passion for the game.

  23. winston scheer
    4 years ago

    Merry Christmas to Darrell, wife and Family! I ordered 2 DVD’a out of wanting to see if the instruction had merit. I was surprised to learn that your method of instruction pays instant knowledge of the golf swing. You cover every issue in expert translation to the student with both language and video all of which makes learning a new golf swing a simple, easy to understand description. I then ordered your five series videos and am now studying them with the ebooks and am excited I discovered this new system. I enjoy watching and reading each day and have gained the necessary knowledge to implement my new approach to improvement. Having had total right knee replacment recently, I look forward to being able to get out to the range and use what I am learning. Thank you very much for your golf knowledge and instruction. I will take good care of it for you and report back soon. Regards, Winston Scheer, Stuart, Florida.

  24. Harold Chuhlantseff
    5 years ago

    Glad to see people are finally realizing how easy it is to play this game. I can’t THANK YOU enough for all the advise over the last 25 + years. Another 1 1/2 before trying the Champions Tour. I couldn’t have done it without your help and support. Love You Harold

  25. John
    5 years ago

    Hi Darrel

    I have all your dvds and they are great! I have been telling a lot of golfers about it out at the golf course and check out your website.

    I have a bit of trouble in sand traps 😮 Do you plan on making a sand trap dvd? that would complete your collection.


  26. Richard Hazelbaker
    5 years ago

    Hi Darrell: I just wanted to let you know that I bought your DVD the other day. I will be 79 in May and have been playing golf for 34 years with a 16 handicap and I play left handed. I have not received the dvd yet but I want to tell you something about the 4 free lessons you sent me on my e-mail. I have read and watched all kinds of tips on how to play better golf and so far not much has helped. Well all of that has changed sense I watched the 4 lessons you sent me. I followed you instructions and yesterday I shot an 79 , today 24 Feb. I shot a 76 hitting 15 greens in regulation and I am really amazed at how well I hit the ball. I stayed focused on being totally relaxed and let my left hip start my take away and everything else just feel in place. I can’t rmember feeling the club face hitting the ball but it went stright and my distance was around 225 to 238 yds. But my irons is the best part, I was within 15 feet left or right of the flag and never missed hit a ball with my irons. The best feeling I’ve had in a long time. I play with my friends on Wed & Fri. and now I plan on taking a lot of their money. Thank you very much I’m looking forward at watching your dvds. I will let my friends know about your web site but not the money group. Richard Hazelbaker

  27. Chris Neale
    5 years ago

    Hi Darrell –
    I met you today at Dairy Creek golf course in Morro Bay and I asked about some DVD about uneven lies. You mentioned that I write you to request it and you said you’d see that I get it.
    Let me know how to do so at :
    cyanchep@charter.net or 707-246-2131
    I live in Los Osos, so as mentioned, we are neighbors as you said you have a house in Morro Bay

  28. ron clark
    6 years ago

    DARRELL,I was just thinking about how much I mis Hal and all the great times I had playing golf at woodlake with him and all the friends. I remember several times how you joined us for a few holes just so you could be with him. I have not been back to woodlake since he went to heaven but his kindness, his great smile and his humor will always be cherished. Your love for him was a pleasure to see. I hope you are doing well. ron Clark If you don’t remember me I was the good looking really tall guy with no hair

  29. Thomas Gunn
    6 years ago

    What is your schedule of golf schools in person in the next nine months ?


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