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  1. Alan Gibbons
    6 months ago

    Dear Darrell, I have finally made a major breakthrough in consistently hitting my driver and long irons. I suggest you take a look at:
    which, contrary to what you say in your teaching material, shows that the initial direction of a golf ball is 85% determined by the club face orientation and only 15% by the swing path direction. I simply couldn’t understand why I couldn’t manufacture a draw to target using an in-to-out swing and with the club face square to the TARGET line and why, when attempting this, my ball always ended up decently to the left of target. Now I know! I have found your material very helpful in many respects, but in this one basic particular it has been very confusing!
    Best wishes,
    Alan Gibbons

  2. Rob graham
    11 months ago

    Darrell. As above

  3. Robert McNabb
    1 year ago

    I recently discovered you on-line. I enjoy your presentation style and thoughts on the golf swing. I am somewhat of a desperate case. I am that guy you describe who has been trying to figure it out for years with no success. I have never broken 120. This is particularly frustrating as I am a somewhat accomplished athlete but golf has been a painful exception. Not much unique about me other than I am a lefty (tennis, ping pong baseball, basketball) but golf right handed. I have tried some of your suggestions, unfortunately with little success. It all makes sense but generally all I can do is hit a weak, sculled slice(starts right and goes right) .Any suggestions welcome


  4. Jose OQUENDO
    1 year ago

    Hi Darrell. My name is Jose Oquendo. I am one of your customers. I am trying to find out if the short game video and the putting video are available as a stand alone versions. I already got the making shot video which covers most of the information in the others videos in this series. Is that a possibility? I mean from a financial stand point, I can’t afford to invest additional 200 dollars on the whole series, and it doesn’t make sense to do so when the info is covered in the videos that I already own. Please let me know.

    Also would like to suggest that you might have a downloadable version of this videos so that way we can get them instantly and you can skip the cost of having them “printed”. One way or the other in my case I’ll end up converting them to mpeg4 to see them on my tablet and/or phone. Please consider it.

    Thanks for your time and dedication to help us improve our enjoyment of the game.

    God Bless. Peace, jro

  5. Chris Brown
    2 years ago

    You are my idol Mr Klassen, and I’m older than you, older than dirt at 75. I have studied and have reviewed your videos that I have owned for a long time. My buddy and I watched the Power Point together, one I have seen maybe fifteen times, him for the first. We went to the driving range and he was doing it. I gave him my driver cuz I could not do it. Still Can’t. EVERY other club in my bag feels great when I hit it and let my hands and body go. I am getting maybe ten to fifteen or twenty yards more with each club and straighter but … my driver. I have tried everything you have taught I think, but no luck. It goes cannoned to the right or ducks to the left about 180 yards, about the same distance my seven wood goes, only my seven wood goes as straight as I can be satisfied with. HELP … I love your videos, your laugh, your reproaching of the haughty teachers who don’t know what release is … hell, thanks to you I know it now. BUT evidently not with the driver. Is there something I can tell you I’m doing so you can fix it.
    I used to hit the driver 250 – 260, now if I’m really lucky I can keep it in play at 175. I’m six feet, 230, ex all American football player and my golfing partner is a midget and flies his drives past me as quickly my dog flees when he walks me.
    Thanks in advance for your help. PLEASE
    Chris Brown

  6. Rick Egan
    3 years ago

    I just finished your Power Point video for the 10th time. It was quite good, but, I wish you had included the part with the driver toe at 45 degrees. And, the visual of the towel with the stripe.
    Again, there was no mention of the use of the toe of the club face, etc.
    Thank you

  7. declan murray
    3 years ago

    Can you explain the power point
    I don’t have the best swing I can hit the ball well but struggled with accuracy both off the tee and irons
    I’ve watched video but still not sure what I have to do

  8. Giovanni Pizzoferrato
    3 years ago

    Is the power point about 6-10 inches towards the hole & right for irons, and about 2-3 ft. For woods & driver , Giovanni

  9. Giovanni
    4 years ago

    Hi Darrell, great clip, I really enjoy listening to you, and seeing you. Your methods really work, Giovanni.

  10. Lorna Ward
    4 years ago

    Dear Darrel,

    I listen to everything you send me, BUT, being in South Africa I do not know where yo get your videos. I am interested in “The Power Point and Perfect Shot Control” videos. I am a senior citizen and just absolutely love and live for golf. It took me 19 years to win my first club championship, but once done I have won it seven times, and have been runner up four times. I am a 9 handicap player now, and wish to just win the championship one more time. I am really getting to old to practice as often as I do now, which is three times a week. We have a championship coming up on the 10th and 11th May, so I’ll be giving it a go for sure. Now, I will be in Canada in July this year and hope that my brother in law who originally put me onto you will assist me in getting these two videos. I thank you for your honesty in your teachings, and pray that I still have time to maybe learn a little more.
    Kind Regards
    Lorna Ward

  11. Tom Siddins
    4 years ago

    About three(3) years ago I joined Darrell Inner Circle and printed out all relevant information. One of the reasons I am no longer interested, is my golfing days are numbered. I have found all the information helpful.

  12. Adam Hermant
    4 years ago

    Good Day Sir 🙂
    I agree with the statement “Voted World’s No. 1 Golf Teacher by Golfers over 45″….Very much so. I have a suggestion for you Sir…..Set up a plan …an annual plan….for say $120 per year just to have a bi-weekly comment from you. I just watched a video clip “Death Moves In Your Golf Swing”…and your response to that….Terrific! You hit the nail on the head. We just don’t think like you want us to….and we should! So, an annual plan or subscription to your 2 minute drill (if you will) would be very much “worth it”. Keep it up. Your are delightfully ‘on mark’ … our swing looks or feels in not realevant….consistent power and shot making is the issue. Then we learn how to putt….and really shave off strokes.
    Cheers and best wishes
    Adam Hermant (14hcp)
    Toronto, ON, Canada.

  13. Ronald Ray
    4 years ago

    Dear Darrell, Thank You! Five weeks ago I purchased your five DVD set which included the power point disk. I was VERY interested in incorporating your baseball swing ideas into my golf swing which is why I bought the set. I played my first round with my new swing just this past Sunday and I must say I was thrilled with my ball striking. I had to reduce all my swing changes to only swing one thought with which to play, and I only thought about that power point – it works magnificently. I have never driven the ball better for an entire round. All the driver shots were in the fairway but two, and they were only a few feet from the short grass. The shots flew very straight and I hit NO big sweeping slices. I was ecstatic. I am 60 years old and I have been working on my golf swing for 30 years, I sure wish I had seen this material in 1986.
    R Square

  14. Bob S
    4 years ago

    I bought two of your books from amazon. Would suggest you add more items as you make your report offerings available. I think you would get more interest than direct sales. I have viewed many of your free videos and don’t mind paying through amazon.

    Bob S

  15. Kevin
    4 years ago

    Hi Darrell,
    I have bought all your DVDs…. fantastic.. my general golf has improved greatly. My driving has gained at least 20/30 yards, ie 210 through to 240, and my Irons 20 yards, I am Playing off 18.

    I have listen to you on youtube; here is the analysis of my Drive

    I am aiming towards 12 o’clock
    The Ball takes off going towards 2 o’clock and goes straight to landing at 2 o’clock.will no draw in
    How can you help me to sort this out?

  16. Dan
    4 years ago

    Game is the best I can be at 64.I just need a couple of dreaded hangups.distance on drives,and the mind game of the shank shot.

  17. Gerry Mayberry
    4 years ago

    Hi Darrell bought longer and straighter on kindle and have already posted a question just wondering how long you have to wait for a reply . Many thanks

  18. Gerry Mayberry
    4 years ago

    Hi Darrell really enjoyed your book hit longer and straighter . i understand the concept of hitting through the ball to the powerpoint but would the impact not make the clubhead slower there also is the hand rotation or flip automatic or is it manufactured in the realease and if so at what point in the swing before or after impact

  19. David
    4 years ago

    Hi Darrell Been at this golf for a long long time and right now and totally frustrated. Can’t seem to get in a good position at the top to make any type of golf shot. I don’t seem to have problem chipping and putting but the rest is just terrible. Here is what it feels like to me. When I complete the backswing/set I feel like the shoulders are not turned more than the hips therefore the only way I can come down is with an out to in swing. Most shots are struck on the toe and have no power and the ball flight is either a dead pull or slight cut depending on the face position. Half shots to full swings are almost impossible. Been this way for about 4– 5 months. Before that I had a 3–4 month stretch of nothing but good golf. Scores where anywhere from 74–85. Right now I can’t break 95 and can’t hit the tee ball more than 170. Totally frustrated. 77 yrs old.

  20. John Riddoch
    4 years ago

    I like Darrell’s way of explaining things during his instruction. I have a problem that no other golf pro has really explained how to rectify it. Many of the guys whom I have golfed with tell me that if I could lower the height of my drives and get more run on the ball, I would gain another 30/40 yards.
    I am 61 years old and play off a 13 handicap. I use a Titliest 910D driver, stiff shaft and with an 8.5 degree loft. I can’t go very much lower with the degree of loft to try and get the ball down, Can you please suggest how I can solve this problem.

  21. sbobet
    4 years ago

    An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who was doing
    a little research on this. And he actually bought me breakfast simply because I discovered it for him…
    lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!

    But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about this topic
    here on your web site.

  22. Wayne Sievert
    4 years ago

    I’m totally confused! Todd Graves, who teaches Moe Norman’s single plane swing and Darrell Klassen’s swing are completely different. Both Darrell Klassen and Todd Graves content that their swing is the best! How do I decide? Why is Darrell’s better than Todd’s single plane swing? Both teachers make it look so easy which it never is for me!

    Wayne Sievert

    4 years ago

    Did you get my request regarding Drawings #5 and #6 in E-Book “Longer and Straighter?”

    4 years ago

    Mr. Klassen

    Just bought and read your e-book entitled “Louder and Straighter.” As a coach/teacher for 35 years, I. too, have learned that to teach one must be able to explain how to do something … NOT JUST SHOW IT BUT TO BREAK IT DONE INTO SIMPLE STEPS. Chapter 2 of your e-book is superb, with pictures and words systematiccaly presented so that one can take it to the range and implement.

    When i got half way through Chapter 3, I have a sound understanding of golf ball flight physics.
    However, Drawing #5 and Drawing #6 do not appear in my e-book leaving me somewhat void of information that I believe is necessary in my attempt to curve the ball left and right.

    Would you please fill in my gap in learning.

    Steve James
    Lincoln, CA 95648

  25. acid reflux tea
    4 years ago

    Appreciating the commitment you put into your blog and detailed information you provide.

    It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed information.

    Fantastic read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  26. David Mooney
    4 years ago

    Hello Darrell,
    Just wanted to say:


    Wishing you and yours the absolute best.

    David Mooney
    Nashville, TN

  27. itunes music
    4 years ago

    Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing
    through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely pleased I came across it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

  28. Bil Gallagher
    4 years ago

    Darrell; I’m not sure I’ll play again ( 85yrs old) but you have been so great in what you teach, that I want to stay informed since I have played 75yrs. thanks, Bil

  29. Orville Harmison
    4 years ago

    Hi Darrell,
    I just watch your video on how to hit your hybrids. I had never thought about trying to get loft by swinging up or had a problem hitting my hybrids …. I hope you haven’t planted the idea in my sub-consistence and I starting developing that habit now !!!! LOL 🙂
    All I really I wanted to do was say THANK YOU, for your common sense tips that improved my game and added to the enjoyment I get from golfing. Your explanations of HOW things work have improved my pitching & chipping about 100% and shaved about 10 strokes average per game off my scores. At a recent yearly men’s weekend we have, my partner and I won the golfing contest for bragging rights …… thanks in part to your tips.

    I would like to wish you & yours a Merry Christmas & a Happy & Prosperous New Year.
    Thanks Again
    Orville Harmison

  30. John Nolan
    4 years ago


    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    Just survived a right lung cancer tumor. God surely saved me!

    I’m 85 and have been playing for 68 years. Played to scratch in my 30’s and 40’s.

    Have your original book “Golf’s An Easy Game”, and most of your DVD’S.

    My earliest golf book was written in 1936.

    I have hundred’s of books and DVD’S but you have made my golf better in all respects, with your simple approach.

    Thanks for all you have done for me and all your students.


    John Nolan

  31. B.G. (Bob) Thompson
    4 years ago

    My name is B.G. (Bob) Thompson from Cedar Point North Carolina. I have been following your direction for some time now and have used your methods to re-groove my golf swing.
    Being over 70 years old now, I believe that this will bring a landmark change in my golfing life and performance. I hope to provide a short update in my progress for you as an introduction to my comments on your recent clinic on “Shot Making”.

    I have continued to practice your golf methods however have just not performed well in my results. Without dragging this out, I have really tried a lot of different club grip positions and the like. I had hoped to have an Ah Ha experience and reduce my golf scores so as to be able to report success but my ball striking just has not reached this point. I viewed your recent clinic video and was impressed at your ability to immediately achieve results with your students. I went out and practiced hitting some plastic balls to test the concept of rotating my grip earlier in the swing. This seemed to produce immediate results to producing more solid strikes and curving the balls easily. In fact I felt much more strong in the early rotations(release). As I then tried the fades I could detect immediate shorter results in the ball strike. I woke up early the next morning thinking over the results and realizing that the effective head speed increases as the golf blade turns early rather than delaying the release until later in the swing. I went back out and redid the ball striking exercise on the plastic balls only this time I started the early rotation in my attempts for a fade shot but with the grip much more open. Walla, was starting to hit some power fades on the plastic balls. I scooted down to the driving range and simply tried multiple shots using both open and closed grip positions. I almost felt like I was cheating with the balls flying so easily and predictably.

    In the mean time we have had a cold snap go through so I am waiting with bated breath to get back out on the golf course. My practice shots continue to improve in the side yard. I revisited your “Swing Free CD” and really experienced a red face as I covered the section on the release. Am not sure why I overlooked this material however you can rest assured that I will be revisiting the complete series now that things seem to be improving for the better. In fact I have already noticed that I am more confident in the swing and am able to focus on my stance and balance during the swing more effectively. As I was having the difficulties, it was very distracting and I found it difficult to really focus. I naturally kept changing different parameters in the swing.

    Regarding the concept you presented in the Clinic, I can easily respond by stating that this is absolutely brilliant. I have noticed that you continuously strive to improve your instruction material based on experiences, and new concepts in verbiage and presentation techniques. I am assuming that this clinic will open up many avenues for you to progress in your instruction.
    I agree with your statement that given ones success in applying the simple rules on ball control, that an improved swing will follow. I can only state that I believe that my chances for success is far superior now that I have been working on your basic movements in the swing. It has been challenging to get out of my long term athletic squatting stance, and also not to keep my head still.

    In closing, I now realize that I should have procured your training material on ball control earlier in the process as oppose to waiting until I mastered the basic swing. This is similar to people waiting on chipping and pitching until one has the basic golf swing in place. I guess that it is to” live and learn”.

    In closing, my question relates to your next steps. I want to obtain your material on ball control however am thinking through the value of your recent clinic CD’s compared to the CD on ball Control. Now that you have experienced this break through in the clinic, do you plan to refine some instructional material on ball control or should I go for the existing material.

    Darrell, thanks so much for your efforts and willingness to support the student group. I feel as though I am just now at the position to make some real progress with this most recent advancement in club release. Best Regards, and Happy Holiday to you and Family.

    B. G. Bob Thompson

  32. BobbyG
    4 years ago

    Just wanted you to know that I just found your website. Been playing for over 50 years and still have not found that magic move..LOL…Always been a pretty good player +3 to -3 now…Will be fun to try your technique. What you advocate makes sense and I know I currently fall into the category of swinging the arms and body as one (lots of tension)…Thanks for the it safe to say that your in the technique of a punch shot…do you do video lessons?

  33. Jerry Sevier
    4 years ago

    Hi Darryl–Do you still give lessons? If so, I am interested! If not, well….thanks! I hope all is good with you. Jerry Sevier (300-2601)

  34. Bill Saul
    4 years ago

    re stack and tilt, the method seems to be working for my short, wide body with 3/4 swing. But I’ve found that it works best for irons and hybrids, not so well for the long sticks. That’s when your method helps me most. ( I’m 70, with two laminectomies). No law against two swings, right? Your vids are great.
    Cheers, Bill S.

  35. Ben
    4 years ago


    The information that you have in your videos is light years ahead of where golf instruction is right now. Is there any books or videos that you recommend I read? I would like to become more educated so I can teach my students as well as it appears you do. Also, would there be any chance I can come out to watch you teach?


  36. Michael Tucker
    4 years ago

    Hi Darrell – I enjoy listening to your common sense approach to teaching golf. I am returning to the game after a 10 year absence due to a combination of things that prevented me from walking, standing and swinging a golf club. During that period, I had 4 surgeries on my wrists and ankles due to peripheral neuropathy. I don’t know if I will be 100% again, but I am committed to enjoying golf again as much as possible.

    At one time many years ago, I played to a 10 handicap even though I was fighting bad information that was passed on to me as a result of “gamesmanship” from another golfer. I shot 80 at Doral’s Blue Monster and at Rancho La Costa. Never had a hole in one, but I did enjoy the surprise of a Double Eagle at my home course.

    What would you recommend to me to find my game again? I realize that I will never be the golfing stud that I was when I was 20 years old, but I would like to get as much as possible out of my 65 year old body.

    Thanks for adding to my joy and determination to get back to the game that I love.

  37. David Cobin
    4 years ago

    Darell: Just finished reading you “How to hit it Longer & straighter” ebook! You say we should not focus on the ball, but eithr in front or behind the ball. Which is better or is it an individual thing? How far in front or behoind. I was lifting my head and the pro had me look about 2″ behind the ball and that seemed to work.. I am curious to hear your thoughts on where to focus. thansdk, Dave

  38. Thomas Bernardo
    4 years ago

    Darrell I am a member but when I try and log in it tells me that acces is denied. What am I doing wrong. Tom

  39. Thomas Bernardo
    4 years ago

    Dear Darrell I am a member of your DKIC and had all your webinars saved on my computer and it crashed and I lost everything is there anything I can do. Thank you for your help with this. Tom

  40. Steve Johnson
    4 years ago

    I’m a DK inner circle member and I’m wondering which newsletter/video address driving?

  41. Jon Bazar
    4 years ago

    Dear Mr Klassen
    I recently purchased your video “Power Point”. Now I am a perennial 20 handicapper, struggling to hit 150 yards with a 5 iron. I watched this video several times [the first time, I thought you were a buffoon :)], but finally the light went on. I went to the practice range and after some trial and error, started to swing more freely, and I heard that “woosh” you described. And surprisingly, I added 20+ yards to my iron game and was swinging easy. And the shots popped off my clubs. What a great feeling. I have had golf lessons over the years, but no one was able to provide such a simple solution and add so much control and power to my game. I still have a lot of work to do, but I am enjoying the game once again. And my attitude has improved dramatically. Thanks

    4 years ago

    Hi Darrell thanks to your powerpoint video discussion.
    I have ordered you two set powerpoint and shot control DVDS and am looking forward to the explanation they will provide .

    In your video you asked to fill in some box on whatever gadget you had tried to improve your golf.
    I didnt see that anywhere ?? But some of my most wasted effort has been in golf pro lessons that failed to even cover the basics like hitting the ball correctly and not the ground behind it — which was the major cause of the bad shot –

    PS. Having just invested in the 2 dvd there is an additional sell to buy more – this becomes a bit overwhelming as you have too much stuff to get through.
    Here’s an idea – you have my e mail and order date with the order .
    so maybe you give a reminder in 2 months in which to order the extras at the discount – if you like what you get you will buy more. Looking forward to learning the power point .
    cheers Iain Edwards
    NSW. Australia

  43. Gloria Burson
    4 years ago

    Darrell, it is so good to see an old friend! I love your emails. Mike and I moved from Visalia to Chico about 2 years ago. Adam and his family…..Mandie, Evan (4) and Alexis (7 mo) live here as does our daughter Julie and family……husband Steve, Luke (4) Audrey (15). We are busy with the grandchildren and haven’t joined a country club. They have a great public course here, Bidwell Park and it is only $19 for a senior during the week. Mike still works part time for Lyles in Fresno and Adam doesn’t get to play much with the 2 little ones. Unfortunately, he just lost his job, bummer. I hope they get to stay here.
    Tom Ringer fit me for a new driver in May and I love it. I’m playing pretty well but my short game suffers from not playing very often.
    So I just wanted to say “Hi” and watching you brings back great memories. I hope all is well with your family. Love, Gloria

  44. David Dimmich
    4 years ago

    Don’t have much time to play but love to study and practice the game. Have really studied your “Body Positions” piece and after watching the AT and T it became obvious that every tour player sets up exactly as you suggest. Went to the range to try the method and could tell an immediate difference. Just having a little trouble getting a consistently similar body tilt. Suggestions?

  45. David McGlone
    4 years ago

    Well Darrell I have been going out and trying to put your instruction into practice and do you know what. I have just broken 90 for the first time ever using your instruction, I can’t thank you enough for making an old guy really happy.

  46. David McGlone
    5 years ago

    Watched PowerPoint and working through the how to spin the golf ball, well 2mins practise curving the ball left and right , and finally you have shown me in simple terms how to actually hold a club effectively, thank you Darrell you are the man.

  47. Jim Rice
    5 years ago

    Thanks so much for helping improve my game. Your material on grip helped improve my swing speed lately. Indoor swing practice advice, fixing my faults (slice and topping the ball), fairway/wood materials, among others, were great. Never thought I’d “break 90” after two frozen shoulders @age 65, but I did!

  48. Richard Zerwas
    5 years ago

    Viewed your recent videos (free!!), went to the bubble hitting 30 wedge shots from 20 to 80 yds. Agree with you. Easy, straight and good height. Went 80 % swing with wedge and also 5 iron using power point swing. Just hooked the ball constantly. Help.
    I am a young 79 year old with 16 h/c index play 60 times a year. Seriously considering your “Never Fail Golf System” when the wx warms up here in lower MI.
    Thanks for your help and reply if possible.

  49. Travis Huffhines
    5 years ago

    In 1999, I bought Darrell’s “Golf Is An Easy Game” VHS video. It was the best golf video I have ever viewed. I am almost 76 years old now and retired. I was just wondering if you will ever be offering any of the DVD’s at a senior’s discount?
    Thank you.

  50. Blair McFarland
    5 years ago

    Thank you so much for your birthday wish. It really struck home with me. First of all, St Patrick’s Day is also my Dad’s birthday. He passed away 21 years ago but I still miss him greatly and he always was a relaxed person like you and thought each day was a blessing. He taught me to play tennis when I was young and I always think of him when I play. Now in my sixties, I have taken up golf and have been taking instruction online from many sources but until I found you I never realized how easy golf can be and I have started to relax and learn the game. At my age, I’m not going to set the world on fire with my playing so I need to just have fun. Thanks again for your great thoughts and I will continue to follow you and learn from you and make my golf game fun.
    Happy Birthday to you and my Dad…

  51. Donnie Machen
    5 years ago

    Purchased the DVD series. I like them very much and I think they are really going to help me with my golf game. However, I would like to discontinue the monthly program that I signed up for. I am getting so much information that I just can’t process it all. Let me know how to cancel the monthly modules.

    Thank you,


  52. Darrells Golf Admin
    5 years ago

    Hi Mike.
    We would love you to become a member. You don’t automatically become a member with a DVD purchase, but you WILL get a special offer to become a member after your DVD purchase – which you are more than welcome to take advantage of. Thank you.

  53. Mike
    5 years ago

    Wondering, if after purchasing dvd’s, do you become a member, able to log on and pick up golf tips from time to time.

  54. Bob Purvis
    5 years ago

    Hi Darrell,

    I have purchased your kindle books , seen your you tube segments and read your online information.
    I am driving the ball farther and straighter since I read the kindle books, and working on your short game tips to get better control of my chips.

    I have always had trouble with alignment ( I am a lefty and tend to aim too far left). Your comments appear to downplay the importance of alignment or am I missing something ?



  55. Darrells Golf Admin
    5 years ago

    Hi Tunji, I’ve emailed you the order link. Great to have you on board. 🙂

  56. Tunji Oba
    5 years ago

    I just listened to the webinar on the short game magic. I wanted to take advantage of the offer but could not get in to book. I went to your website, thought I could navigate through but was not successful. Any help?

  57. Darrell
    5 years ago

    Bruce Stair:
    Hi, friend. It has been a long time since we’ve played golf together. Hope all is will with you and yours. By spinning the ball, I am referring to closing the face into the power point for draws and hooks, and opening it a bit for fades and slices. I want you to learn to “work” the ball left or right on command. THEN learn to control the amount of curve, so you can start controlling your shots. Let me know if this answers your question all right. Sorry for taking so long to get to you. I get hundreds of emails daily, in several venues, and I spend my entire day answering them. I get behind, too.


  58. Darrell
    5 years ago

    Bob Thompson:
    It’s great to hear from you again, and I am glad to see the lights coming on. One of the great things about the collar bone drill is that it forces the elbows to bend. When you go out to hit balls, soften the elbows and allow them to flex a bit in the backswing. This will make using the hands much easier and more natural. Then let me know how you do.


  59. Darrell
    5 years ago

    Bob Zimmerman:
    Thank you for the note and question about the dizziness thing. My uncle went through that for a few years, and then it went away. Don’t know what he did about it, or how he got rid of it. This was over 20 years ago, and he has passed. With the conditioning you are doing, I would suggest you playing nine holes in the morning, and nine more in the afternoon, to see if that would allow you to get in your full eighteen holes. For the most part you aren’t playing in any competitions. It sounds like it is mostly the personal challenge for you to maintain you fine scoring level. I admire the daylights out of you. God bless you!!


  60. Darrell
    5 years ago

    Bill Daily:
    Sounds a bit funky to me, having an old guy wanting to kiss me! Actually, I am thrilled you seeing a new picture. As a Certified Golf/Sports Psychology Instructor, I know if I can get you to “see a different picture” in your mind, the body can easily produce the results. Nice work. Keep it up.


  61. Darrell
    5 years ago

    Terry Jacobs:
    Haven’t been able to get to this site in ages. Congratulations on some fine golf!! You are playing lights out at 65, and I am so pleased to hear it. The power point information is intended to free you up and get you swinging more relaxed. A baseball pro wrote recently to tell me how he has always tried to guide everything, and the power point information freed him up to just “swing and play the game.” Keep iup the great work!


  62. bob grijalva
    5 years ago

    what is this years schedual for golf clinics in person at your course?

  63. Glenda Mead
    5 years ago

    I enjoy golf but do not play. I enjoy watching the tournaments via television. I would never have guessed a link would take me to a familiar face and name. Congratulations upon your success in what has been the passion of your life. Was it you, in the sixties, who told a comical joke about a frog that wanted to get out of a can of milk and had to keep his eye on the ball.? That must have been one of your first teaching lessons without your even rrealizing..Bet you thought no one will ever remember my saying that..Maybe even you do not remember that during a testimony. But, it was well said. Just surprised finding this page. Going to be seventy-nine in August and walk with a walker, so won’t be taking golf lessons now but such a serendipity to find a person I know as a published author and pro here. Continuing blessings.. Glenda

  64. Darrells Golf Admin
    5 years ago

    Hi John,
    I’ve forwarded this onto customer support. They will email you to arrange a swap or see if they can figure out the trouble.

  65. B.G. (Bob) Thompson
    5 years ago

    I hope that this finds you doing well and enjoying a great weekend.
    Sometime ago I discovered that I was sliding back into bad swing habits which really was bad on my golf swing results.
    I reached the point that my body would jerk during the swing because things were changing. I then started back at the beginning with the commitment to really make sure that I was following directions and understood the material. This was fairly successful in that I could appreciate improvement in my chipping and other short game swings immediately. I then started on your Swing Free series which I find to be simply super since it covers all and maintains continuity in the presentation. The section on power point really is well done in comparison to any instruction that I have ever received. In fact the total series is just wonderful.

    The crowning blow really occurred as I discovered that my attempts to swing full with extended arms was just engrained into my head by really dedicated practice in past years. I discovered that while your descriptions of the downward chop is certainly perfectly clear and precise, for some reason my mind just did not absorb this information and I did not really practice this swing appropriately. I did manage to lower my hands during the swing however it just did not get through. I frankly accept full blame because as I realized what I was doing wrong I reviewed the earlier lessons and frankly became embarrassed at my level of apparent denseness. Needless to say I sat through all of the on line swing training and with all of these repeat sessions, I simply blew it.

    I hit the garage and my practice mats and really worked on this downward chopping motion. I discovered that the jerky actions was a result of my body being confused as to proper hand positions and related motions. As I practiced dry swings I noted that the swing became much easier and seem to naturally take hold. It was particularly pleasing to note the golf club grip end staying on the line in the back swing during all of the quarter/half etc. swings. Friday I finally took a bucket of practice balls in the side yard (empty lot) and hit several balls with the 64 degree lob wedge. This enabled me to make all swings plus it is the club that I have the least confidence in.
    I was really surprised that the ball strikes were very constant and even the full swing shots did well.

    Today I went to the local driving range and hit an assortment of clubs. The improvement was really rewarding and all clubs felt great.
    While I haven’t been using my driver much I hit 8 of the best drives that I can recall ever hitting. I not only hit good straight shots but was able to open and close the club face at will and produce repeatable draws and fades.

    One thing I will mention about your material, as I figured out my error in hand position and motion, I went back to the collar bone drill and it just fell into place. The whole thing came into focus, a kind of Ah Ha moment. I reviewed the section on release and since it is so important, I did wonder if it would be worth while to include the Collar bone drill as a follow-up exercise should you ever re-master the series.

    Darrell, I guess this is about it. You certainly have created a believer in your training material with me. In fact I feel relieved for the first time in many years that I can make a decent swing. The burdon of practice now is on my shoulders. I am also looking forward to golfing weather returning so I can take these efforts to the course.

    I want to express my sincere appreciation for all of your efforts and many wonderful lessons that I have learned. If I can return any favors please advise me.

    Best Regards,
    B. G. (bob) Thompson

  66. John Feagler
    5 years ago

    D… Received swing free DVD as part of the inner circle. Have tried it on 2 pc’s and an apple. Gets rejected. No video. Must have some defect.

  67. Darrells Golf Admin
    5 years ago

    Hi John, No. The Green Reading is a separate course. Inner Circle members get this program, or you can purchase here:

  68. Darrells Golf Admin
    5 years ago

    Stan, I’ve emailed you your log in info the Never Fail Golf Program.

  69. Darrells Golf Admin
    5 years ago

    Hi Reed. Your best bet is to join the Monthly Inner Circle. All this is covered and it’s cheaper than buying individual DVDs.
    I’ve emailed you this info.

  70. Bill Daily
    5 years ago

    Hi Darrell,
    I just got back from the driving range and chipping green. Wow! I can’t than=
    k you enough. Your video about the impact point at 45 degrees in line with m=
    y body worked like crazy! Finally, the stars aligned and I was hitting the b=
    all like never before. I’ve always heard and known about turning my body and=
    accelerating through the ball, etc. but no one ever told me how to do it be=
    fore. I could almost kiss you. Whatever you’re doing tonight, just know that=
    you made at least one old guy very happy. I will sleep well tonight.
    Thanks again,

  71. reedjacques
    5 years ago

    i was wondering about trouble shots and chip shot dvd ?? Id like to order it ! Thanks

  72. Stan Cohen
    5 years ago

    I had taken Darrels online lessons . Which website can I access for the vidios ?

  73. john Feagler
    5 years ago

    does the putting DVD cover the 4 methods of plumb bob reading?

  74. Bob Zimmerman
    5 years ago


    First, let me thank you again for more of your Inner Circle information.

    Second, I am grasping for anyone who may have some input which may help me. I have suffered from tension-type headaches for over 20 years. Two major national medical clinics have not been able to provide relief for me. My headaches, with the accompanying dizziness that I suffer in conjunction with them, is getting worse. I will be 86 next month. I finished one 18-hole round on the 3rd of January with a 79 (the 86th time I have shot my age or better). However, three times that I have attempted to play 18 holes since then I have had to quit during the first 9 holes due to dizziness.

    In your dealing with both pro and amateur golfers, have you run across any who were suffering from dizziness who were directed to some relief of the dizziness by the medical profession or by others? If so, would it be possible for you to have them contact me, or for you to give me an email address or telephone number where I might contact them?

    I am doing everything that I can to stay in shape to continue playing golf at my age. I wade laps around my swimming pool perimeter and in the last six years have walked 1,257 miles in the pool –pushing with my legs and pulling with my arms. I am in much better shape than most of the 86 year-olds who you may know.

    Again, thank you for your consideration.

    Bob Zimmerman

  75. Paul mcguire
    5 years ago

    Hi darrell,
    I have purchased all 3 of your kindle there any chance of publishing one about putting?
    Thank you very much for your information,and wisdom in the books.i have left good feed back on amazon.

    5 years ago

    I did you proud today. I have bought a few of your books and DVD’s etc and it did not take long for what you teach to click in. As the expression goes – “it’s all in the wrist” and as you say if you are making a mistake, then just don’t do it anymore. But the most important thing is you have made me realize that the game should be fun. I shot an 80 today despite a double and triple bogey. The biggest problem with what you teach is that I am hitting my irons a good 10 yards further than before so I have to learn to adjust. Thanks. I will be getting more lessons from your site to build on my progress.

  77. Bruce Stair
    5 years ago

    Hi Darrel,
    Rereading your book once again—–each time I get something out of it that I missed. My question is in the book you said “till we learn to spin the ball and not hit the ball” we would not be able to maneuver the direction. So is the club head turning 45 degrees to the lap causing the spin. I must have missed the cause and effect. Hope to hear what I’ve missed. Thanks Bruce

  78. Terry Jacobs
    5 years ago

    Purchased the Poerpoint dvd. It arrived Monday (this is Friday). I have watched it everday! have had no opportunity as yet to spend time on practice tee. That happens this afternnon. However, I did my regular playing Tuesday and thursday afternoons. I am 65 years old and a 4 handicapper. I play from the tip on a par 70 course. While warming up I was easily able to grasp the ideas you presented. Tuesday I shot a 71 with four birdies, five bogeys and the balance pars. thursday I shot 70 with three birdies and e bogetys. NO DOUBLES this week! I am excited to get out this afternnon and get to “experimenting” and having more fun on the practice tee!



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