How to Hit More Greens

So… You don’t hit a lot of greens… And it is keeping you from making a lot more pars in your round.

If you could only get a really good lesson on how to hit your middle irons better. Sound familiar to you?

It has amazed me throughout the 50 years of teaching golf how many average golfers feel….

If only I could only hit more greens in regulation, I could play better golf.

Sorry – But that is screwed up thinking.

Ask an average golfer how many greens he thinks he should be able to hit in regulation, the most typical answer I hear is, “Eleven or twelve.” That’s when I inform them of the PGA Tour stats for the past thirty-plus years. The very best tour players average about 13.5 greens in regulation for the year. The worst tour pros only average a little over 11 greens in regulation.

So, if the best pros in the world are only hitting an average of 13.5 greens per round, where does that put you?

One statistic I read about twenty years ago stated that a 10 handicap player only averages 3 greens per round in regulation. Did you get that? A 10 handicapper!!

And you know what.

That is OK.

If you are an average golfer, you don’t need to hit more greens in regulation. You just need to learn how to chip the ball better.

I teach all of my players to chip using their wrists, rather than using the typically taught putting type stroke, using the arms to sweep the ball.

There is an excellent reason for my doing that. Actually there are two huge reasons.

The first being that the arm swing produces the LEAST AMOUNT of backswing in chip shots. That’s right. Using the hands and wrists to chip (like the pros do it), produces the maximum amount of backspin in chip shots. Well, I gave them both to you at once. 1) that’s the method all of the tour players use; and 2) it is the ONLY way to produce the type of backspin you see tour players creating.

Isn’t that interesting?

Everyone wants to learn how to spin the ball like a tour player, but next to no one believes they are supposed to chip using the hands.

The tour players all have great backspin, and they ALL chip using the hands. The average golfer doesn’t use his hands for chipping, and he has very little backspin. Hands create backspin in chip shots.

You might want to read that one a few more times, until it starts to turn on some new lights in your mind. Watch closely on the TV, and you will see it very plainly. Pros chip with their hands, and amateurs–who don’t spin the ball at all–use the old arm swing and sweep their chip shots.

Click Here to Learn More About Using Your Hands in the Golf Swing.

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  1. Darrells Golf Admin
    1 year ago

    Hi Rick, the webpage you need for the Natural Ball Contact videos is

  2. Rick
    1 year ago

    Darrell, maybe 6 weeks ago or so, there was an article about ball contact. There was an offer for a series of on-line lessons (no DVDs). I believe the price was $150, but my email does not save emails that far back

    Can you send it direct to me.

    I have tow of your DVDs and they have been helpful

    Thanks, Rick

  3. rich
    3 years ago

    Hi Darrell,

    I used your method and it’s an eye opener. anybody can. learn how to be great chipper .
    getting this stuff, taking it to any practice area, I started in my basement .iBought a golf mat
    and went to work. I spent 5 minutes doing the exercises from the program 3xs a week
    the results have been amazing. now when I play, I’ll hit a chip 15 feet instead of inside 10 feet
    and say who cares, because I know I’m doing it right and I know I’m getting better . and
    when I play I hope I miss every green and I get to chip, or pitch . because I expect to make it.
    when my friends ask how I do it.. I smile and say its all Darrell.


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