How to “just know” when you find “your” golf swing…

Tomorrow I’ve got a message for you about what Easter means to me, and how you can use it to benefit every part of your life.

But today…

I wanted to share with you this amazing message from Tony (brand new customer btw).

Ever get that feeling when everything just clicks…. And somehow you instantly “just know” that what you’ve found is going to work for you. That’s the feeling Tony got when he stumbled across our little family here…

Read on. [Tony’s message is in reply to me asking him where he heard about us].

Darrell, your site popped up on my Facebook this morning & I spent quite a bit of time watching your YouTube videos. Straight away I went out & hit a few balls across the pasture in back using just a few of your tips & saw some immediate improvement. So I decided to order the Powerpoint and the Shot Maker Clinic videos. Not cheap, but I already know they will be a great help to me.

But the message you recorded at Christmas was priceless. I really enjoyed your testimony about our lord & savior! If I never hit another golf ball, I’ve been rewarded. Thank you so much for that alone.

No offense to California, but you seem like a good down to earth southern boy! Easy like a Sunday Morning! Seriously, there are good folks everywhere & I know you are genuine. We have never spoke, but I feel like I’ve already had a long conservation with you & I haven’t even watched the videos yet.

Thanks, and now to better golf ! Tony

You know, I’m so glad guys like Tony (and you too) appreciate those videos, because I make them all from the heart, and feel like it’s calling to do it.

Because golf is so much like life. You can fight ‘life’ as much as you want, but you’ll never succeed, and you’ll never be happy.

I spend my time teaching what I know. Just going with it, and enjoying life… Never fighting it.

Golf is the same. You can’t fight your body, or the ball, or the golf course.

You can only be yourself. And your best comes out of you when you are relaxed, and certain of what you are trying to do.

And truthfully, that’s what I love about the ‘Shot Maker Clinic’ we did.

All the golfers there learned to direct and caress the golf ball.

Almost controlling with their thoughts.

No fighting your swing, no contorting your body into weird positions.

Just think it, see the shot, and then relax and let your body feel how to create it.

If you struggle with making the golf ball do what you want, these clinic DVD’s are your answer.

Now, Friday is the last day I’m offering the Shot Maker Clinic DVD’s for a while.

I realise they are expensive.

And I make no apologies for that.

Because the lessons in there will continue to instruct you for years and years to come. However, to wet your appetite a little further, I’ve decided to add a few extra gifts… To get you in the right frame of mind.

To truly learn how to the feel-the-shots AND how to be so relaxed on the course… that your best, most consistent, and most natural golf swing can easily come out for you.

So, my young apprentice… Not only will you get the private Shot Maker Clinic DVD’s (or download if you prefer).

You’ll also be given Three Bonus PDFs – sent to you via email after purchase…

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • Why amateur golfers fold under pressure (and the 5 mental steps to being more confident).
  • Why we screw up easy shots. 4 Mental lessons so you can counter it when taking your new swing onto the golf course.
  • Why professional golfer fold under pressure and what the rest of us can learn for our games).
  • How to select and hit the perfect shots for you. 99% of golfers never think about this, and it is truely the trick to consistency (and easily beating your handicap).
  • How far should you be hitting your clubs.
  • How to play in tough conditions… what to worry about and what to not think about – so you can still score well
  • and a lot more…

Those lessons, combined with the Shot Maker lessons, will truly help you for years to come.

Think of it as my pre-Easter gift to you.

However, you have to order by Friday or you won’t get all those extra lessons added in. (sorry, them’s the rules)

Here’s the link:

 >> <<



PS. if you missed any of the actual ‘sneak peak’ teaching videos from the shot maker clinic, you can click here to watch them:

PPS. And if you’d prefer to get the Shot Maker Clinic lessons as a download, instead of waiting for DVD’s, you can. Just order as normal, then let me know by email. The cost is the same, and I’m happy to do it for you 🙂

Here’s the order link again:

>> <<

(don’t forget, order by Friday so you don’t lose the extra bonus gifts).


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