Easter Message for you

Have you ever really thought about… What is Easter?

Here’s the answer: Nothing!!

Oh yes, the whole world celebrates what it likes to “call Easter”. However, Easter is NOT in the Bible.

Let me share what the Bible in fact does say. Warning, I’m going to all biblical on you here, but I guarantee you’ll find this pretty fascinating.

1Cor 15:1-5 really tells the whole story of what determines whether or not you are a “Christian” believer.

I grew up in a church which, just like MANY others, likes to major on the 10 Commandments.”Do this. Don’t do that.” You know the deal! Well, this was all Old Testament.

The 10 Commandments were NOT given for mankind to actually keep, because NONE OF US is actually capable to do so. This is where Jesus Christ came into the picture.

At the appointed time he came, born of a virgin. Don’t laugh; it’s true, and medical documentation proves the importance. The blood of the child in the mother’s womb is 100% the blood of the father. Thus IF one chooses to believe the true gospel (good news), that person believes in the virgin birth. It was prophesied in several places in the Old Testament. The virgin birth meant that the blood in Jesus Christ’s body was NOT from the creation of earth and creation of ADAM. It was sinless, heavenly blood.

Here is the importance of it all.

Corinthians tells us Jesus died for our sins, because we are not able to ever save ourselves or be good enough to impress God. Then He was raised from the dead on the third day—giving us hope for an eternity.

It really is all that simple. No rules to keep. No habits to stop. ONLY (truly) BELIEVE.

What does this have to do with golf? Nothing in one sense. However, Hebrews 11:6 says the ONLY way to please God is to “believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

Here I sit in the middle of California, where tons of the pros told me I would never become well known. They said I needed to move to Palm Springs, Texas, or Florida to become well known. I am not bragging on me, but on Almighty God. Here I sit in central California, and am well inside the top 50 Most Popular Teaching Pros IN THE WORLD. That is what I call a true miracle!

Just like enjoying life and being a Bible believer, there’s no rules you need to follow in your golf either. You can break the all.  The only one you need is this –  Become a great shot-maker, so you can hit the ball where you want… In case you missed it,  click here to read yesterday’s post and find out how.

Thank you for reading this email today.

I means a lot to be able to share the true Word with you.

Please enjoy your time with your family this weekend, and have a great Resurrection Day—as I like to call it.




How to become a Shot Maker | http://track.darrellsgolftraining.net/shotmaker


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  1. Michael Harris
    7 months ago

    So simple, free gift , just started watching your teachings enjoy ,thank you may GOD continue to bless you my brother in CHRIST .

  2. Jeff Fletcher
    9 months ago

    Its not about thou shalt not.( though not one jot or tittle shall go unfulfilled). Its about love .What is my response to that love? Yours? Thanks Darrell.

  3. Ian Tweedie
    2 years ago

    Hi Darrell
    Am enjoying your Youtube material immensely and am looking forward to trying out very soon.
    All enhanced by your testimony!
    Your willingness to speak to your faith can only be encouraging to many believers! Hopefully also a challenge to others.
    Thanks again
    Yours in Christ


  4. Gary
    2 years ago

    Well well Darrell, nice to hear, my only problem with what your saying is the part about believing , there’s another step you left out, how about where you ask Christ into your heart. I believe that my electric works also but unless I turn it on its useless . That acceptance is key and your lost without the last step. God bless

  5. John
    2 years ago

    1 John 4:10-11
    Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.
    11 Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.

  6. Shannon Paul McCleery
    2 years ago

    Hi Darrel,
    Its a breath of fresh air to see a golf teaching pro such as self speak up about the Gospels & what being a Christian is all about. Its about as rare as a Republican in San Francisco!
    I’ve been wanting to order your DVD’s but due to a physical shoulder injury that needs some much needed healing time I’ve abstained from that for the time being. Besides my attention is needed else where for the benefit of my family & wife of 28 years this July.
    So I’ll be content in enjoying your emails, your blogs, YouTube videos. You see, if your ever going to accomplish something meaningful in your life, like work, character building with Jesus’ help, Coaching or Managing a Youth baseball team or being a better golfer, I have to be all in 100%.Ive learned there is no shortcut to success! Besides its more rewarding that way.
    I resigned from PG&E in 2014,because I felt I still had this career bucket list so to speak I wanted to accomplish. So as soon as I was vested for a pension I left. Well, due to losing affordable health Insurance, after I left. It probably wasn’t the best of moves, I should of researched it more. And now my wife needs medication due to a Thyroid issue & believe me it isn’t cheap.
    So getting my Electrical Contractors License (C-10) has been put on hold. So financially were in a bind. My Pension & part time Electrical work isn’t nearly enough to pay the bills.
    So what did I do?……I prayed about it of course. And lo & behold as he has always done with his perfect timing our Savior has answered. I’ve excepted a job with a Civil Engineering group called McKay/Sposito as a Lead Quality Assurance Rep.(just a fancy name for a (H.V. Electrical Inspector) in Umatilla, Oregon building a Distribution Substation. I have to be in Vancouver, Washington on April 4th.for orientation. It begins @ $50.00 an hr. to start, plus Benny’s. & at the moment they’re working 50 to 60 hrs. a wk. with O.T.you can do the Math. I live not to far from you on the Central Coast, Arroyo Grande to be exact.
    So the first time in my married life I have to leave my wife (Ginette) behind for any considerable length of time, to help get us back on track. The job runs thru Nov. Dec….oh I’ll be back Memorial day Weekend & the fourth of July, or whenever I can. Or even fly her up to stay with me for a few days or so, but I believe its a divine door opening opportunity & the answer to our prayers.
    You see we are brand new grand parents, we have beloved pets, plus her job, so for us together dragging up & going that far away is just not a option at this time.
    I’m not really sure why I’m telling you all this. Maybe its just my way of fellowship with another believer. But you said you’ve studied the bible for years. So even though me & the wife were baptized in Feb. of 92′. & I study often & I’m still finding things I cant wrap my head around. For instance of late…the end of times, the rapture,(pre. mid or post) or any rapture at all. The difference of the Second Coming. Paul says “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord” So what do I tell people that are pretty sharp common sense wise that are infants in Christ…when they say “then how can they be resurrected from the grave if they are present with the Lord?”. Now I know what Luke 16 says & other scriptures like the words from the thief on the cross with Jesus & what Mary said to Jesus just before he raised Lazarus from the dead etc., But sometimes its easy to get confused. Sometimes I like bouncing this kind of stuff off folks such as yourself, besides my family, the two things I love the most is the Word of God & Golf. So what better combination of attributes could I guy hope to learn from, then from I guy like you!
    Darrel, I just wanted to introduce myself & tell you little about myself. After all thru all your YouTube videos I feel I know you way more then you know me. And all the others for that matter.
    I hope to meet you in person someday & shake your hand. Any correspondence from you in the future will be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work, you provide a great service. Not only in teaching golf but teaching the Word.
    Stay safe. God speed & Happy Passover!

    P.S. This is probably not a post that you usually want to go public, it doesn’t really matter to me, however, the postings you are really probably looking for are the ones that endorse your video products that have offered help to struggling golfers around the world. I cant do that yet. I just didnt know your personal Email to correspond with you.

  7. Roger Mann
    2 years ago

    Great message, if folks would stop worrying about what they will have to give up, they might just experience all that they will receive from believing. Love your heart.


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