Do you still believe this golf-swing rumor?

Doesn’t matter how good you are, or where you play…

Golfers all over the world seem to have the same troubles.

Say hello to new friend (and customer) Phillip, from South Africa.

Hi Darrell, I’m from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

I’m a 10 handicapper (today I shot 5 over because I made every 10 foot putt I had—which I’m extremely happy about because I finally found a putter that I’ve been looking for months and it really works J).

I’m a dedicated student of the game and I devour golf info….which is the problem. I’m suffering from “paralysis from analysis” which is what attracted me to your videos on You Tube.

I need to get back to swinging naturally (“thought free”) and get consistency to my swing/ball flight. At the same time I need to know my swing and the mechanics behind it so I can identify swing faults during a round and apply the appropriate correction. For e.g. you mention the wrists and hands hinge like when you hit with a hammer…I need to understand why that is before ingraining it in my swing because I hate practicing not knowing whether I’m doing the correct things.

Ok my apprentices… So we’ve got Phillip, who can shoot 5 over the card.

Puts him in the top 5% of golfers worldwide.

Yet he (like everyone else) is still struggling with swing thoughts and inconsistency.

Just so you know, ‘ol Darrell is figuring out this internet stuff. I can see Phillip watched that Youtube clip TODAY, and bought Power Point lessons 31 minutes later.

Quick decision. He knows what he wants.

To swing natural, get consistent ball flight, all without thinking too much.

That’s the golfer’s holy grail. Sound hard?

It’s not. But you think it is, and that is your problem.

Let’s break it down…

Phillip’s (and most likely yours too) big challenge.

From the email above, Phillip 100% believes he’s got to fix his swing to make his shots consistent.

Hmmm. That thinking hasn’t worked in 50 years. Everyone believes it… but then history is full of incorrect thinking. (I hope they find the guy that started this rumor, because around 20 million of us would like a little ‘chat’).

There’s no other sport that humans play where were the victims, I mean players, care so much about technique over skill in making the shot.

A baseball batter needs good eyes and fast hands. Hockey player fast hands and great balance. Tennis player fast hands and good reactions.

All these sports require you to hit something with a stick to a target.

Yet technique rarely gets a second thought. No one says anything about the guys Wimbledon winning backhand, only that it was a brilliant, pinpoint shot.

Why only golf? You got me. But boy it’s a weed that just spreads and spreads.

Your body already knows how to swing a stick and hit stuff.

You just need to work on your hand eye coordination, spinning the ball, and hand speed.

Everything thing else will take care of itself.

There’s no sport called ‘golf swing’.

No one is judging you on how technically perfect your swing is. Just like no one is judging that tennis players swing.


They ARE judging you on what YOU CAN DO with the ball.

Want to hit it long… And have control? Stop the mechanics. Get Powerpoint.

Go through the drills and just learn to let your swing go…

Within a few days, you’ll start to feel your natural and free again.

It’s a great feeling.

Here’s the link.



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