Rory McIlroy – Swing comparison aged 3 and 23

Rory McIlroy is the poster child for keeping your swing natural.

Take a look at this video, I stumbled across last night.

You’ve got McIlroy’s swing today – with all that speed and raw power.

And then you’ve got 3 year old Rory… Swinging his club, building his hand eye co-ordination, and a free flowing, natural golf swing.

Big lesson for you right there.

Hmmm… Love the first line from the commentator…

“One of the keys to consistent golf in my opinion, is to keep your swing natural”.

Sounds a little familiar? You betcha — Pretty much every elite golfer swings like that.

Why? Because they started learning young, and that’s how kids learn. The oh-nat-ur-al way. And they get better – Fast.

It’s harder for us adults.

We want to control every little bit, piece and angle. So adults learn to distrust their natural instincts and go all “mechanics-monsters”.

And as a result you:

  • Lose distance
  • Lose control
  • Your shots have the consistency of a plastic bag in whirlwind
  • Get frustrated and angry because you know you should be able to play better

Well, if that hasn’t been working for you. Why not find that ‘natural kid Rory’ swing again.

You had it when you were a kid. Now get it back by replacing all those mechanical thoughts with your natural, free-flowing swing.

The PowerPoint and Perfect Shot Control combo is what you need start playing this way. It will free you up. Get your mind off the ball, off mechanics and get let you start producing longer and better shots.

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As an adult golfer, you may find replacing those mechanical thoughts is not easy.

Powerpoint & Perfect Shot Control is there to give you the thoughts to replace all the mechanical nonsense.

So you can more easily swing natural… And unleash a little Rory into your swing.


Darrell Klassen.

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  1. gary wease
    8 months ago

    It is one of the first times I have heard a commentator actually talking about initiation of the downswing with the hands and arms.
    Thanks darrell


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