Get an “Unfair Advantage” in Driving a Golf Ball for Distance and Accuracy from a REAL Pro!

From: Jeff Richards
Newcastle, Australia

I hate to tell you this, but you’re about 35 minutes away from pissing off a whole bunch of your golfing buddies.

I’m serious. Pretty soon, they’re going to hate your guts. They may never want to play golf with you ever again.


This is easily the most compact “take a few swings and you’ve got it” lesson I’ve ever offered… and yet the result will just curl your toes with pleasure. In fact, here’s what I want you to do:

1. Download this quick-learn ebook to your computer right now.

2. Print it out and Read it. It’ll only 35 minutes cover to cover, but I guarantee you’ll be riveted for every second.

3. Go out to your favorite range, and place four balls next to your practice tee. Just four balls — that’s all you need. Hit them, using the trick you just learned.

4. Now immediately play a round with the best golfer you know. A single-handicap ex-pro would be perfect. Ignore any comment he makes about your swing. By the fourth hole, he won’t be talking much anyway… because you’ll be out-driving him, out-finessing him, and (unless you absolutely suck at putting) beating the tar out of him.

5. When you’re finished, go to the clubhouse and gloat.

You’re gonna like this.

Here’s the story: About 3 months ago, a good friend of Darrell Klassen’s named John (he doesn’t want his last name used here) came up with a brainstorm. He was stuck in Chicago, knee-deep in snow and going crazy wishing it was spring already… so he could take his miserable 15 handicap out to the course and start humiliating himself again.

His brainstorm: Make a quick video of himself swinging, and send it to Darrell for a critique. Maybe Darrell could see why John was stuck at a 15 handicap.
Pretty nifty idea, huh?

Of course, most folks don’t have a friend like Darrell they can ask favors from — Darrell, as you know, is by far the most popular “underground” golf instructor alive today. And yet, as good as he is, Darrell still remains relatively unknown to the average golfer.

You’ll never see this golf recluse on The Golf Channel or ESPN _ and that’s the way he likes it. He’s simply a super-private guy that very few people EVER get to meet. In fact, the only way you’ll ever get access to him is through our videos or by taking personal lessons from him…

At $500 An Hour!

Yes, Darrell charges $500 an hour for lessons. And people are STANDING IN LINE to get lessons from him (he’s booked solid for the next two years).

Golfers who have discovered Darrell through his videos come from all over the planet to take lessons from him and they gladly pay him the $500 an hour. They spend hundreds more (and sometimes thousands) in travel and lodging just to get to a remote golf course in Central California where Darrell teaches.

Every video Darrell puts his name on sells out almost immediately… even at the admittedly steep prices they go for. He’s worth every red cent, though — he offers the most generous 100% money-back guarantee in the world, and yet almost no one ever takes him up on it. The info puts out is just too darn good. If you love golf, then you have to love the secrets and insider tricks Darrell shows you.

And it doesn’t matter how bad you currently play… or how disgustingly you hook or slice. None of that matters.

In fact, Darrell actually PREFERS to teach high-handicapped players. Because he shows them exactly how to get real good, real fast. He just LOVES to see women, kids and even old duffers crippled by arthritis, out-driving and out-playing younger, stronger and more skilled players. He’s a hero to every out-of-shape hacker who has ever played the game.


So what’s this got to do with you?



Plenty. This guy John from Chicago has really started something here. He emailed his swing to Darrell for a critique, and as luck would have it, Darrell was sitting in the airport lounge at San Francisco, waiting for a connecting flight, when John’s email flashed up on his laptop.

In the four hours while Darrell waited for his United flight out to San Fran, he typed up what I consider to be the most right-on lesson on Hitting for Distance and Accuracy ever created.

In fact, I almost had aHeart Attack when I read it

Knowing I was a Darrell Klassen fan, John sent me a copy of that 67 page document.

Boy-oh-boy! 35 minutes later (that’s all it took to read cover to cover), I realized I hadn’t hardly breathed while I flipped through the pages… I was afraid I would miss something.

Without changing my shoes, I grabbed my driver, went out on the lawn (still wet from a recent winter deluge), teed up a ball… went through the 4 simple steps Darrell had outlined… and promptly smacked a drive that sailed so sweet, true and long into the field across from my house that a tear came to my eye.

That damn Darrell had done it again.

In an written lesson he made to help his friend, Darrell had shown me how to “break the code” on consistently nailing the best drives of my life. I’ve been a golfer for 20 years… spent hundreds of dollars on lessons… read just about every book there is in print on the subject… and logged more time at the range than I did chasing girls when I was single. (Okay, maybe the same amount of time.)…

So what could possibly have been so shockingly new?

Well, quickly you’ll discover:

  • Your Perfect Setup (setup determines your ball direction… hook, slice, fade, draw.. all fixed!)
  • The 4 Easy Steps to perfecting your contact — it’s the key to hitting long, pinpoint drives every time. (Once you have these secrets “implanted” in your muscle memory — a process that will happen astonishingly fast with Darrell’s simple teaching method — you won’t ever approach a tee shot with trepidation again… it will be “step and let ‘er rip” every time. Results: Long, gorgeous drives that eat up the fairway and leave you with the easiest possible second shot… on every drive!)
  • Darrell’s Trademark “Chopping Wood” technique (gives you a consistent and natural swing that works every time)
  • The “Tap the Earth” method for perfect contact
  • How to make the ball draw or fade on command… just by making one simple little adjustment in your setup.
  • Darrell’s adjustable “Tilt” strategy to Control your Launch Angle whenever you need to (using different clubs, hitting into the wind… if you can control your launch angle to maximise your distance potential.
  • Darrell’s “Power Point” finish (this is what adds all those effortless extra yards)
  • How to instantly diagnose (and fix) your swing faults by watching your ball flight so you can be your own coach (Forget about video cameras, and expensive golf lessons… Darrell shows you how to watch what your ball id… and then IMMEDIATELY KNOW what ONE thing you need to change so your next swing is gorgeous)

All that in just thirty-five minutes!
No Fluff. No Filler. Just a simple, straight forward, step-by-step blueprint of how to hit a golf ball for Power and Accuracy.
Since I live in sunny Australia, I’ve been able to go out and put Darrell’s new advice to the test on the golf course (something John in Chicago hasn’t been able to do yet). And let me tell you… it is SO SWEET to be able to tee up and just “let ‘er rip” on every hole, not thinking at all about mechanics, not sweating the swing for even a second… and yet knocking down drives that soar down the fairway like a guided missile. Every time.
I am not exaggerating when I say this quick-learn document of Darrell’s has changed my golf game forever. And I know it will do the same for you.
I personally am a big fan of Darrell’s and would recommend his stuff to anyone. He is probably the best I have seen, heard or read in terms of simplifying golf and making it more enjoyable.
Gordon Allan, SA Australia
Darrells programs have some great tips. He has really helped me get the ball up in the air with a better trajectory.
I’ve only been playing golf seriously since Feb this year.Started with a handicap of 23 and have got it down to 17so something must be working! Thanks for the emails.
Gareth Park, VIC Australia
I have been concentrating on Darrell Klassen’s short game and 4 Easy lessons DVD’s.
My confidence when approaching these shots is unbelievable. Just played 9 holes shot 42 off stickBEEEST EVA! thank you. THANK YOU.
Will Keep practicingRegardsJuine Worsley, WA Australia
As for the Darrell’s program.. I thought it was brilliant , it helped me from 27 to19 handicap , a win in my local club open day with a nett 64 and a win in the C-grade championships at my club and numerous first and second placings on saturday comps.
I found Darrell’s method of teaching easy to follow and to listen to the man, he instills confidence, in my heart I believe he is one of natures gentleman. (mention it to him on your next group coaching phone call in if you like).
Where I play they call me ‘Darrell’, because I talk about him so bloody much, so I suppose he has rubbed off on me ( but that is not a bad thing).thanks again.
Frank Palmowski
I am very confident that my basic technique and understanding of the golf motion has significantly improved.
I was a typical slicer, now my typical ball-flight is a soft draw with an occasional hook or pull hook.
When that happens, I only move back my arms in the back-swing and I don’t make a good shoulderturn. Since I figured that out, it’s now happening less and less.
Now, with spring on its way I cannot wait to get out there again on a decent course and amaze my mates.
Just wanted to let you know what a great service you’re providing to us amature golfers that cannot be on the course every day and still want to enjoy playing the game at a decent level and have fun…
Ronald Vorstenbosch, Netherlands

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I swear to you, what you are about to learn will change your golfing life.

Jeff Richards
P.S. Special Fast Action Bonus. In the past few weeks, Darrell has gone out and shot a series of video lessons for each of the steps covered in the manual. I almost flipped when I saw what he recorded for you … Ball position… perfecting your contact… getting your set-up right… releasing the club for power… Darrell’s woodchop techniques … Its’ all there. Everything is covered.
And the video format makes learning this stuff almost automatic… virtually downloading it into your subconscious… so you can really relax, stop thinking about mechanics (the worst thing you can do), and finally “let ‘er rip”. Man, it sure feels good to hit a great tee shot, doesn’t it? Now imagine doing it every time, like clockwork. Well… now you can.
Now this video series alone sells for $97 in DVD form. But YOU GET FREE ACCESS to these EXTRA VIDEOS via INSTANT DOWNLOAD when you join Darrell’s online coaching club – called the Inner Circle. It’s free to join. And it’s completely optional (if you don’t want it, you can uncheck this on the order form). But the information you get access to will change your golfing life over night.


Here’s what some of Darrell’s1,224 Monthly Inner Circle MembersHave to Say…

I agree with you that Darrell is simply the best instructor one can find and after watching his “4 Easy Lessons” over and over again I have at long last discovered how to play golf — and I’m 80 now!!!
I’ve puzzled about the game for years and tried every darn thing and I have various “aids” — even David Leadbetter’s “Swing Setter” — all to no avail, even several books let alone the many golf magazines!! However, via Darrell I have at long last found the correct way to swing and get distance and straight shots.
Darrell sets one on the right track and gives one lots of confidence knowing what the golf swing is all about.
I did see a short video on the computer about his putting method which appears very logical (typical of the man) but so far I’ve not seen any of the professionals on TV use his method — and this puzzles me. I am certain more and more golfers will start taking notice of this man, very soon.
Paul Gompels, Australia

I am very impressed with the Inner Circle CD’s and the very straightforward way that Darrell teaches the way to play golf.
The keys that could be the foundation of a Special DVD are: How to Swing the Golf Club every time, this no-one I know teaches and the Snap of the Left Wrist, that Darrell talks about in his last Inner Circle Newsletter.
Kind regards,
Victor Parness, UK

Darrell, I am very happy to be a part of the inner circle group. Thank you for your prompt reply to any question I have asked this I do appreciate. I think you have a very business and wish you continuing success.

Firstly I would like to say after only one week of trying out some of your suggestions I am already noticing a great improvement in my game. there is still a long way fro me to go but now I am optimistic even at the late age of 70 to even begin to play that i will achieve a standard good enough for me to play a social game with enjoyment rather than embarrassment as up until now has been the case.
Kate Carpenter, age 70, WA Australia

Hello Darrell: Just wanted you to know the early results of using your grip.
First day at the range could not hit my irons straight but could see improvements with my driver more accurate. Second day practiced the grip at home several times during the day and evening. Third day a game of golf with some friends, decided to try the new grip – irons much better now a bit longer maybe 10 to 15 yards, better contact and quite accurate but the real improvement showed up in my driver – long straight down the fairway about 20 to 30 yards farther than I usually reach. I really noticed how little effort it took to accomplish this. Look forward to lesson 2.
Frank Hucul, BC Canada

I’ve just been out on the range and the difference is unbelievable.
No one, and I mean no one, has ever been able to convey to me what ‘release’ means. I never achieved it; until now. 30 years of a hopeless swing transformed after watching one video (I haven’t checked out the other four yet). I am hitting it further, and straighter, than I did as a 20-yr old. Just incredible – and that was just one, simple piece of advice that was a total gem.
Darrel Klassen demystifies all of the mumbo-jumbo that I’ve been fed by various pros, videos and articles. He has an innate talent to make it simple. He’s right, ‘golf is an easy game!’
And I stumbled on you guys by accident!
This bloke is a far better teacher than anyone I’ve come across. I’ve just cancelled my subscription to the local pro’s superannuation fund!
Pete Reynolds, ACT Australia

Darrell, I would like to thank you for the latest addition of your Training programs.
They are just great, not too much information at once to block up your mind but enough for you to pick up each important point so you don’t miss any thing . It is just like having you standing next to me.
I have most of your DVD and find them better than any other I have used in the past, but the pod cast program is the best of all. I can’t wait for the next one on chipping to come through fully.
Arthur Turner, QLD Australia

Get Instant Access To Darrell Klassen’s”4 Easy Steps to Great Golf” Manual
YES Jeff, I want this! Please let me have Darrell’s quick-learn “4 Easy Steps to Great Golf” Manual for just $49 $19.97
I can’t wait to try Darrell’s unique (and super simple) techniques to:
* Perfect my ball contact    * Get Insant Control my Golf Shots    * Hit Longer, Straighter, and More Consistently Off the Tee.
Instant Download

Add to Cart: “4 Easy Steps to Great Golf – Download – $19.97

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